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Trouble in the Air

Profoundly engaging, evocative, and exquisitely written, Trouble in the Air, set in the South during a turbulent period, 1954-1965, explores a real 20th century movement for equal rights, a community's quest for justice, and an adolescent "colored" girl's journey under the oppressive system of Jim Crow toward self actualization. Under such circumstances, the odds against the protagonist's Lizzie growing up to become a success outside her segregated community seems insurmountable. Yet, this young girl, Lizzie Ellison, has faith in a brighter coming day, instilled in her by her school teacher parents (Clayton and Leona Ellison), and the extended black community. From her mother, a modern day griot, Lizzie learns the history of the racial mountain her ancestors climbed with different levels of tragedy and success. As a gifted student endowed with ambition and faith, she clings to her dream and rises above the hurdles she encounters. Though the threats from the such entities as the white citizen's council, the ku klux klansmen and assorted gatekeepers of the "Southern way" are real and are often actualized on the streets of Lizzie's,s hometown, Jackson, Mississippi, the story keeps it's focus on the characters who show their humanity and their ability to maintain their direction and stay psychologically whole inspire of everything.

Trouble in the Air is not a protest novel. It is a book about life in the midst of chaos and the human will to life a " best life".